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Axe Deodorant Compressé

4,99 TVAC

• An irresistable smell
• The AXE Effect.
• 48 hour protection against sweat.

That way you don’t have to worry about wet armpits or nasty smells and you can direct your attention to the women who won’t get enough of you. A smell that is irresistible to women! The Axe Effect of this deodorant gives you an irresistible attraction and will make sure all the women around you will gather around you. Because as you can guess yourself, who doesn’t like chocolate? The Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant Spray has not only an irresistible smell but it keeps you dry in any situation you can imagine. It keeps you fresh for 48h

1. Shake the deodorant before use.
2. Keep the deodorant at minimum distance of one decimeter for your armpit and don’t spray for longer than 2 secondes.

Bactericide One Shot 50ml

8,99 TVAC

Bactéricide, fongicide conforme aux normes EN1276 et EN1275. Equipé d’un diffuseur autopercutant, le produit permet de traiter et d’assainir un volume d’air important, jusqu’à 50 m3. Format idéal en collectivités, dans les écoles, les EPHAD, et les lieux publiques, mais aussi les véhicules de transports urbains…

Box of towelettes

12,00 TVAC

3+1 FREE
Box of 4 x 12 towelettes to facilitate the daily use! Pratical for lots of jobs in several sectors

Hand Sanitizer 100ml

4,50 TVAC

The hydroalcoholic hand sanitizing gel is a product that allows a sanitary treatment and disinfectation of the hands. This product is usable without water, soap, rincing and drying.

HOT/COLD pack with belt

13,00 TVAC

Very practical with an extensible support band. Adjustable and robust, it fixes on different parts of the body, direct on the skin.