Absorbing cotton wool 10g

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The cotton wool contains calcium and improves the hemostasis and thrombosis. Easy to use

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Small external cuts and superficial scrapes that bleed easily, nose bleeds, gumbleedings, etc


1. Clean and disinfect the wound first
2. Place a absorbing cotton wool on a wound, applying light pressure helps the heaing of the wound
3. Remove the cotton wool carefully without picking the remaining small fibers from the wound as they will be removed naturally or with the crust. Make sure the cotton wool is fully in contact with the open wound

In case of a nose bleed roll a absorbing cotton wool in a cylinder shape and stick it in the nose. Same applies to bleeding gum.

This is a medication so don’t use for a long period without a doctor’s advice, and keep away from children. Carefully read the notice. Ask for advice at the doctor’s or pharmacy and in case of side effect please visit a doctor.

Be careful for a hypersensitivity regarding iron and phenazone
Do not apply on deep wounds
Do not use on infected wounds


Disinfect the wound beforehand.
Do not let it too long in contact with scrapes, the iron chloride can cause irritation.
Keep in mind that a nose bleed ca be a sign of hypertension

Undesired effects:
While in contact with phenazone some oversensitive people can get a skin rash although this case is extremely rare
The iron chloride leaves a bitter taste in the mouth

Chemical incompatibility with certain disinfectants such iodine.


Iron chloride solution APPROX. 5,2 % (is the same as anhydre iron chloride 1,5 % APPROX.), PHENAZONE APPROX. 9 % PER 100 G COTTON WOOL.EXCIPIENTS: GLYCÉROL, HYDROPHILE COTTON WOOL Q.S. AD 100 G.