Burn Band-aid big format

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Sterile ready-to-use bandages in small format for the treatment of 1st and 2nd degree burn wounds

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A burn injury is a lesion of tissue thatt usually happens when a part of the skin comes in contact with a heat source. In any case a burn wound has different degrees.

1st degree burns: Sun burn or a quick contact with fire. The lesion is blood red and painful and in 5 or 6 days the skin will have healed spontanuously.

superficial 2nd degree burns: besides the symptomes of the 1st degree the top layer of the skin rises by forming a blister. The healing will take approx. 10 days.
Deep 2nd degree burns: Resulting from a longer contact with a heat source, hot water. The upper layer of the skin is broken ans requires medical attention.

Burns of the 3rd degree : The skin is completely destroyed and requires medical attention.

The Urgo Laboratories have developed a whole brand of products with an exclusive technology : The Lipido-Colloid Technology (LCT). Urgo Burns is destined for superficial household 2nd degree burns. The efficiency is related to the new technology of hydrocolloid particles and vaseline.

As soon as the hydrocolloid particles come in touch with the skin it reacts with the vaseline componants to create a lipido-colloid gel which provide the ideal conditions for a fast recovery. The gel is removed easily by water when you change the band-aid. The gel lipido-colloid also reliefs the pains, helps the scarification, doesn’t stick to the wound or skin to allow a apinless removal.

Usage: Keep the burn wound for at least 15 minutes under cold water to reduce the extension of burns.
Clean the wound with a antidesinfectant without alcohol (water or physiologic serum) but do not use éosin type sprays.
Dry the wound with a sterile compress.
Apply the burn wound band-aid on the wound that needs treatment.

The compress needs to cover the whole wound so that it helps the scarification optimally.
In case of irritation consult a doctor.