SOS Coupures 3m x 2,5cm

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The adhesive tape is stretchable and stops the bleeding through compression. – Adjustable and tearable by hand

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Bandage roll 3m x 2,5cm

The self-adhesive bandage URGO SOS Cuts is extensible and stops the bleeding by compression.
Replaceable and tearable by hand which makes it easy to use.
You don’t need scissors or tape: the bandage sticks by itself

Indications: External us for adults and children from the ages of 3 years old. In case of small cuts and superficial wounds

How to use it:
1. Take the required length of tape.
2. Wind the bandage and overlap it 2 to 3 times over the entire zone of the wound to stop the bleeding.
3. Squeeze at then end to block the bandage roll and tear it off.
4. Remove the bandage as soon as the bleeding stops and maximum 30 minutes after placing the bandage.
5. Clean, desinfect, rinse and dry the wound if necessary.
6. Eventually apply the right tape and bandage.

Precautions: Do not use on children younger than 3 years. Keep the product in it’s original packaging. Do use the same bandage after the bleeding has stopped. Do not apply the bandage to tightly so that the blood flow isn’t impaired or stopped. Use every piece of bandage only once.